Press Release Regarding The Presentation Of The Book Of Murat Karayılan, One Of The Ringleaders Of The Pkk Terrorist Organization, Organized In Athens

Atina Büyükelçiliği 01.12.2012

No: 276, 30 November 2012, Press Release Regarding the Presentation of the Book of Murat Karayılan, One of the Ringleaders of the PKK Terrorist Organization, Organized in Athens

The presentation of a propaganda material held in Athens on 28 November 2012, bearing the signature of Murat Karayılan, one of the ringleaders of the PKK terrorist organization who is the subject of an Interpol red notice, and the utilization to this end of the War Museum, which is an official institution of the Ministry of National Defence of Greece, constitute a very unfortunate development in terms of the cooperation carried out in the field of combatting terrorism.


This incident is also disturbing since it demonstrates that some circles troubled by the development of Turkish-Greek friendship are still active.


It is clear that allowing to spread terrorist propaganda for the PKK, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the NATO and the EU, is not consistent with the relevant decisions of NATO and EU, nor with international obligations within the context of combatting terrorism. As a matter of fact, this point has been pointed out in the press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.


H.E. Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, expressed our reaction to the aforementioned incident and emphasized our disappointment during a phone conversation he had on 29 November with H.E. Mr. Avramopulos, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Mr. Avramopoulos expressed their deep sorrow for this event which he explicitly condemned, stated that press reports implying that the Government of Greece has tolerated it are entirely baseless. Futhermore, indicating the importance they attached to the relations with Turkey, he expressed that in the light of the investigation conducted the necessary was done against those officials of the War Museum of the Ministry of National Defense of Greece, who apparently have assumed a role in arranging the aforementioned event. This point has also been indicated in the press release of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece.


Greece is a country to which we attach importance as our neighbour and ally. Our relations have been developing in a multi-faceted way and we maintain our wish to further advance our bilateral cooperation on a positive agenda. We continue to believe that our relations would further develop as long as this remains as a shared will.





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