Turkish Embassy Press Statement

Atina Büyükelçiliği 30.10.2013


H.E. Panos Panagiotopoulos, the Minister of Culture and Sports, sent a letter to H.E. Mr. Ömer Çelik, the Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey on 4 September 2013 regarding concerns for Prophet Elias Church in İzmir in the light of a nearby highway construction. The letter was reflected in the Greek media.

To meet the abovementioned concerns, relevant authorities and experts in Turkey were instructed to examine the possible impact of construction works to the Church. The results of this examination confirms that the planned highway construction will not have any effect on the Prophet Elias Church. H.E. Minister Ömer Çelik sent a reply letter to H.E. Minister Panagiotopoulos on 4 October 2013 on this matter.


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