Press Release Regarding The Results Of The Presidential Elections In Afghanistan

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 23.09.2014

No: 302, 23 September 2014

We welcome the announcement of the results of the Presidential elections, held in two rounds on 5 April and 14 June 2014 in Afghanistan.

We congratulate Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, one of the Presidential candidates, who won the elections, and wish that the result will be beneficial for brotherly Afghanistan.

As a matter of fact, the Presidential elections mark a success for all of the Afghan people in that it has demonstrated their will to determine their own future, and it has proven the professionalism of the Afghan institutions which took part in the process.

On the other hand, the common will of the candidates running in the second round of the elections to establish a National Unity Government, independent of the election results is of particular importance since it has clearly displayed the Afghan people’s determination, as a whole, to carrying their country forward and their belief in a common ideal. The architects of this unification around a cause, which is the most important issue promising for the future of Afghanistan, deserve congratulation.

Moreover, we appreciate the efforts of the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, Mr. Ján Kubiš and the U.S. Secretary of State Mr. John Kerry who have contributed to the process.

From now on, our expectation is that the new Government, which will embrace all Afghan people, will enhance its capacity to fight against the problems and challenges facing Afghanistan by strengthening the state structure. It will also be essential that all members of the Afghan people endorse the new Government to be formed so that Afghanistan will emerge stronger from this critical process.

Turkey will continue to provide support to the brotherly Afghan people in all areas for the peace, stability and prosperity of Afghanistan, as it has been the case so far.

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