Press Release Regarding The Latest Developments In Yemen

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 02.10.2014

No: 309, 02 October 2014

Turkey, in order to build a more stable, secure and prosperous future in Yemen, supports the political transition process initiated with the GCC Agreement in 2011, and the steps based upon implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

Within this context, the signing of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement on 21 September by all political parties and sides has raised our hopes as a step taken towards establishing stability and ending the crisis stemming from the conflicts in the north of the country and the capital Sana'a in the recent weeks. Furthermore, the signing of the annex pertaining to the security and military conditions of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement on 27 September has also been viewed as a positive development.

However, we are deeply concerned with the statement ofJamal Bin Omar, the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Yemen, to the effect that illegal actions of armed Houthi militias, first and foremost the occupation of strategic public areas and the unauthorized seizure of heavy armaments, constitute violations of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement.

It is evident that the dialogue process in Yemen, which is supported by Turkey, cannot be advanced through the use of force. Therefore, refraining from all actions and violence which disrupt law and order in Yemen, ending all illegal acts of occupation, returning the heavy armaments to the competent authorities and respecting the legitimate government are essential. We call upon all parties to show utmost sensitivity on this matter.

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