Press Release Regarding The Statement Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Egypt On 2 December 2014

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 02.12.2014

No: 370, 02 December 2014

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt on 2 December 2014, which put forward unacceptable allegations regarding our country and the President of Turkey, and which has been undoubtedly dictated by the military coup leadership in account of its incompatibility with diplomatic practices is null and void for Turkey.

In fact, our Ministry announced in its press release of 30 September 2014 that our sincere calls for addressing the Egyptian people’s legitimate demands for democracy, equality, freedom and prosperity will continue, unless tangible progress is achieved and that Turkey will not refrain from remaining actively seized of the matter of ending human rights violations in Egypt and respecting the free will of the brotherly people of Egypt.

However, it is still observed that Egypt's coup authorities lack the capability of comprehending the substance of our calls and suggestions, and to the contrary they continue to make unacceptable claims against our country as a manifestation of their psychology of guilt, stemming from their illegal action and as an indication of the impotency they have fallen into. Particularly, the accusations by a coup administration, targeting the President of Turkey, who has always advocated democracy both at home and in its region and who came into office through democratic elections, meeting international standards, can neither be taken seriously, nor be acceptable.

The coup regime, which – due to disproportionate use of force by security forces - is responsible for the killing of numerous demonstrators on a single day, in the recent past, sentenced hundreds of innocent people to death penalty through ridiculous lawsuits, demonstrated its resistance for not heeding the Egyptian people’s fundamental calls for accountability and justice, through acquitting former President Mubarak and the authorities of the period from their responsibilities in the martyrdoms at Tahrir square and other democracy and legitimacy demonstrations in 2011, and - despite its so-called commitments - out of its fear of democracy, persistently fails to hold the parliamentary elections, should not assume that its illegal and even inhuman practices are ignored or not noted by the international community.

In any case, despite all the contrary depictions of the coup leadership, in line with its principled attitude, Turkey, who considers the Egyptian people as its long-time brothers, will continue to voice its calls for a rapid transition to democracy in Egypt, in conformity with the will of the Egyptian people. Rather than the leader of the coup or its administration, the actual addressees of this message are the brotherly people of Egypt, who proved its willpower at Tahrir Square, and the international community.

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