Press Release Regarding The Situation In Yemen

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 24.01.2015

No: 28, 24 January 2015

We find it deeply worrisome from the point of salvation, unity and integrity of Yemen that the legitimate President and Prime Minister of the country had to resign as a result of the recent acts of violence occurred in the last few days.

We are concerned that the situation that befell Yemen can derail the transition period and result in the reversal of achievements gained in this process. We emphasize that all sides may suffer under such circumstances.

Moreover, it is all the more essential in this environment that all concerned parties should take into account that such unilateral acts could destroy unity and integrity of the country, could pave the way for sectarian conflicts, could enable the terrorist organizations to gain ground and would not provide for durable stability under any circumstances.

For the salvation of Yemen, it is vital that all sides in the country should act with moderation and responsibility and comply with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Initiative, the National Dialogue Conference Outcomes and the provisions of the Peace and National Partnership Agreement dated 21 September 2014. Turkey stands ready to make all possible contributions to that end.

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