Statement Of The Spokesman Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Tanju Bilgiç In Response To A Question Regarding The Press Release Issued By The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Of Egypt On 4 February 2015

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 05.02.2015

QA-1, 05 February 2015

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt, dated 4 February 2015 constitutes the most recent tragicomic effort of the Egyptian coup rulers, whose understanding of State government is based on a triangle of weapons-oppression-persecution.

It is obvious that the current regime in Egypt which considers persecution and tyranny as a method of governance has nothing in common with contemporary democracies that are devoted to fundamental rights and freedoms.

Following the coup d’état staged in Egypt in July 2013, the number of mass death penalties given by politically motivated decisions has reached as high as 1,000. It goes without saying that it is impossible to approve this course of action. Social peace and political stability cannot be achieved through punishment and suppression of certain segments of the society, through arbitrary decisions.

Practices of the oppression regime in Egypt, which ignore the rule of law and human rights, and injure consciences, are indeed condemned by many countries and international institutions. The latest 183 death penalty verdicts have also caused the reaction of the international community as the previous ones.

The single handed targeting of Turkey among many other countries and international organizations, by the Egyptian coup rulers, in a style befitting them, demonstrates the depth of desperation and inferiority complex that they have fallen into.

For these reasons, the statement made by Egypt is not taken seriously. Turkey’s customs and traditions, drawing their strength from the depths of history, as well as its position and responsibilities in its region and within the international community, do not allow to take into consideration such a miserable attack.

No matter what lies are made up by the coup mindset in Cairo, Turkey will continue to abide by its principled stance for the peace and prosperity of our Egyptian brethren. In this regard, Turkey will continue to raise its voice to make known its opinion that only a complete return to democracy in Egypt and full reflection of the free will of the brotherly Egyptian people on political and social life, would enable the establishment of an environment of lasting and sustainable stability, security and serenity in the country.

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