Press Release Regarding The Developments In Yemen And The Resolution Adopted By The Un Security Council On Yemen On 14 April

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 15.04.2015

No: 115, 15 April 2015

We welcome the Resolution numbered 2216 adopted by the UN Security Council on the situation in Yemen which poses a threat to regional and international security and stability.

The Resolution constitute a clear message and warning from the international community to the Houthi militias to stop the violence, to withdraw from the regions they occupied including Sana, and not to threaten the neighboring countries. We consider it also as a pertinent step that the Resolution imposed an arms embargo and sanctions upon the Houthi militia and the former regime leaders who played a destructive role in Yemen with their activities.

In order for establishing a peaceful environment that will enable the implementation of a political solution, it is important that the Houthi militias should withdraw from the regions, particularly Sana and Aden, that they occupied by force and through unilateral actions, and they should surrender the heavy weapons they seized belonging to the military units, show respect to the legitimate President and abandon threatening acts towards their neighbors.

For the sake of the unity, integrity and salvation of the country, we expect that all parties in Yemen, mainly the Houthis, as it was also emphasized in the UN Security Council Resolution should discharge their obligations by abiding the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative, the Outcomes of National Dialogue Conference and all related resolutions of the Security Council for the establishment of the peaceful environment that will ensure the continuation of political transition period and the control of legitimate state authority across the country.

On this occasion, we reiterate once again that Turkey stands ready to provide every kind of contribution for ensuring peace and stability in Yemen.

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