Statement Of The Spokesperson Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Tanju Bilgiç, In Response To A Question Regarding Turkey’s Assistance To Palestine Including Gaza

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 27.05.2015

QA-17, 27 May 2015

Turkey’s assistance to Palestine has reached 369 million US dollars in the last decade. In 2014, Turkey provided a total assistance of 76.3 million US dollars to Palestine, 59.2 million US Dollars of which constituted official assistance (34.7 million US dollars for public development assistance, 24.5 million US dollars for emergency assistance) while the remaining 17.1 million US Dollars consisted of non-governmental assistance (9.4 million US dollars of which constituted the assistance provided by NGOs, and 7.7 million US dollars for emergency assistance).

In this context, our humanitarian and development-oriented assistance to Gaza also continues uninterrupted. During the "Conference on Palestine, Reconstructing Gaza" held in Cairo on 12 October 2014 Turkey pledged to provide 200 million US dollars of assistance to cover the years 2015-2017 to relieve the immense destruction caused by the last Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The total amount of our completed projects by Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency-TIKA in Gaza as of 2015 is about 1.5 million US dollars; the total amount of our projects continuing since the beginning of 2015 is 28,8 million US dollars, while the total amount of additional projects planned for 2015 is about 11.3 million US dollars. Furthermore, an assistance of 34 million US dollars has been assigned for projects through Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority-AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent for 2015 and its delivery is about to start. In this context, the total amount of the assistance realized and planned for Gaza by Turkey in 2015 has reached 75.6 million US dollars. As seen, Turkey fulfills its commitments and continues to work uninterruptedly in order to meet all the needs of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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