Statement Of The Spokesperson Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, Tanju Bilgiç, In Response To A Question Regarding Some Statements By Mr. Al-maliki, The Former Prime Minister Of Iraq, About Turkey And The Reference To The Consul General Of The Republic Of Turkey In Mosul In A Report Of The Defense And Security Committee Of Iraqi National Assembly On Those Responsible For Mosul’s Occupation By The Deash

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 18.08.2015

QA-21, 18 August 2015

The preposterous expressions of the former Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Maliki who is the chief architect of the crisis environment faced by Iraq today as a result of the suppressive, discriminative and exclusionist policies he implemented, during his speech delivered in a conference in Tehran accusing Turkey of supporting the DEASH can never be taken seriously.

On this occasion, it will be useful to recall that the aforementioned person was the Prime Minister of the country, when Mosul was occupied by the DAESH reportedly with a force of 1500, after the Iraqi army and security forces under his command comprising of 70.000 people surrendered the city to the DEASH within one day and then fled hurriedly. He is therefore implicated primarily among those responsible for the fall of Mosul.

While Turkey’s fight against the DEASH together with the international coalition and, within this framework, its increasing contributions to Iraq in the political, military and humanitarian fields are for all to see, the delusionary statements full of guilt of Al-Maliki who had a prominent role in the occupation of one third of Iraq by the DEASH, death of tens of thousands people and millions of them being left homeless cannot be given any credit.

On the other hand, we have conveyed to the Iraqi Ambassador in Ankara who was summoned to Ministry of Foreign Affairs today that the expressions concerning Turkey’s Consul General in Mosul who was taken hostage together with his colleagues by the DEASH for 101 days in the report prepared by the Defense and Security Committee of the Iraqi National Assembly and adopted in the Assembly’s session of 17 August are unacceptable and Turkey strongly protests them.

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