Press Release Regarding Turkey’s Re-election To The Postal Operations Council (poc) Of The Universal Postal Union (upu)

Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Foreign Affairs 06.10.2016

No: 251, 6 October 2016

Turkey is re-elected to the Postal Operations Council (POC) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) at the elections held today (6 October) of the 26 th Universal Postal Congress, hosted by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications along with Postal and Telegraph Corporation of Turkey.

UPU, one of the specialised agencies of the United Nations with 192 members, operates with a view to organizing and developing postal operations at global level.

Turkey’s re-election to the POC membership and assuming the Chairmanship of the UPU Council of Administration for four years as the host country holding the 26th Congress are concrete indicators of Turkey’s prominent position in this field, ensuring that its contributions and support to the works of the Organization will increasingly continue.

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