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Press Release Regarding The Reports Alleging That The Release Of Our Citizens Kept In Mosul Will Be Used In The Presidential Campaign , 02.07.2014

No: 225, 2 July 2014

The reports alleging that the release of our citizens kept in Mosul will be used in the presidential campaign, which appeared today (2 July 2014) in some media outlets, are totally unsubstantiated hideous accusations.

Great efforts to ensure the safe and sound return of all Turkish citizens kept in Iraq including the staff of our Consulate General in Mosul are being exerted with sensitivity twenty four hours a day in coordination with all our relevant institutions. The stance of our Government on this issue is clear. Nothing is more important than the life safety of our citizens. Our public opinion is aware of the intensive and effective efforts exerted by our State in previous events.

We regret that such an issue, requiring particular sensitivity with regard to the families of our citizens kept in Mosul and related to our national interests, has been subjected to baseless allegations.