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Press Release Regarding The Suspicious Powder Sent To Consulate Generals In İstanbul , 28.10.2014

No: 328, 28 October 2014

Upon learning that envelopes containing suspicious powders were sent to certain consulates general in Istanbul  on Friday 24 October 2014 and on Monday 27 October 2014, AFAD (Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Administration) has taken immediate action to decontaminate  the environment as well the persons who came in contact with the envelops.

The aforementioned powder content was transported to Ankara by the Ministry of Health, Public Health Institution officials in specially constructed vehicles and they were subjected to thorough analyses. According to the results of the analyses, no biological warfare agents were detected in the powder; chemical tests produced negative results; and no radioactive substances were found out. The mission personnel who were kept under observation were discharged after the necessary information was furnished.

On the other hand, the investigations to determine the person or persons who sent the envelopes are continuing.

Despite the fact that the powder content  posed no danger,  the foreign missions in Turkey and  the Turkish representations abroad  have been reminded to remain vigilant to encounter  the probability  of  receiving any hazardous substance in the future, and in the case of detecting suspicious circumstances to inform immediately our Ministry and AFAD in Turkey;  and  abroad, the relevant authorities of the country of residence.