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Press Release Regarding The Termination Of The Activities Of Media Organs Belonging To Crimean Tatars , 02.04.2015

No: 99, 2 April 2015

The applications of ATR Crimean Tatar Television Channel and some other Crimean media organs operating in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for license renewal to the de-facto administration in the Peninsula were rejected and as a result they were forced to stop broadcasting as of 1 April 2015. We are profoundly concerned over this issue and denounce it.

The prevention of the enjoyment of the freedom of press, which is an integral part of pluralism and democracy, by the Crimean Tatars comprising the main community of Crimea and having claimed their rights always through democratic and peaceful channels until now constitutes a new example of the suppression policy directed towards our kinsmen.

Turkey will continue to seek the well-being of our Crimean Tatar kinsmen in their motherland, and closely follow the developments in the region.