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Press Release Regarding The Pkk Investigation Case Ongoing In Belgium , 03.11.2016

No: 280, 3 November 2016

It has been learned that in the investigation launched by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor's Office and which has been ongoing since 2010 against the PKK-affiliated 36 private and legal persons residing in Belgium, Investigation Department rejected the request of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the referral of the investigation case to the Criminal Court in Belgium.

We consider and condemn this ruling as an explicit and new indication of an unprincipled attitude in the fight against terrorism and a mindset which has enabled the PKK terrorist organization to operate with ease in Belgium so far.

We expect the Belgium's judiciary to take steps without delay to rectify this grave mistake in this case, which has been protracted since 2010 in a way that does not comply with the principles of law.